About the Hedgehog

It’s always awkward writing about myself in third person, and I have to write quite a few of them anyway, so to change things up here’s a little bit about me in first person.

Oh, you might be wondering by now what’s up with the title. Well, I just really love hedgehogs. I’m fairly certain I was one in my past life, and will hopefully return to being one in the future. Until then I’m stuck in this strange form colloquially referred to as human.

My name is Margaryta Golovchenko. I am an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, doing a Specialist in Fine Art History and a Major in Literature & Critical Theory. I serve as the editor for The Spectatorial, Half Mystic, and Venus Magazine. I also write book reviews for Alternating Current‘s online column, The Coil. I’m an emerging poet and sometimes-artist, and a detailed list of my publications can be found in the CV section.

I have heard almost every joke in existence about my name, and every guess as to what my nationality is (pst, I’m Ukrainian!). I am a proud bibliophile with an ever-growing mountain of to be read books. Tea and cherry strudel are the staples of my diet, and I have a particular weakness for cherry yogurt. I have a giant box of curiosities which I collect, consisting on postcards from art galleries, receipts, perfume testers, and so on. Also, I’m fairly convinced I used to be a hedgehog in my past life, and wombats are my spirit animals.