Margaryta Golovchenko is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, working towards an HBA with a Specialist in Fine Art History and Literature & Critical Theory, and serves as editor for The Spectatorial and as a reviewer for Alternating Current. Her work has appeared in The UC Review, The Murmur House, Rag Queen Periodical, Luna Luna Magazine, In/Words, among others, and is the author of the poetry chapbooks Miso Mermaid ( words(on)pages press, fall 2016 ) and Pastries and Other Things History Has Tried to Kill Us With (dancing girl press, fall 2017). She is the recipient of the Vic One Chamberlin-Goodison Prize in Poetry and a fellowship from the Northrop Frye Center at Victoria College. When not maneuvering around her mountains of to-be-read books, she can be found sharing her (mis)adventures on Twitter @Margaryta505. She calls Toronto, Canada, her home.

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If, like me, you find third-person bios to be impersonal and a bit daunting, here is one in first-person:


I am an introverted poet and sometimes-artist who has heard almost every joke in existence about my name. I am a polyglot and proud bibliophile with an ever-growing mountain of to-be-read books. I am guilty of drinking more black tea on a daily basis than I probably should, and have a large box of curiosities which I collect on an ongoing basis. Also, I’m fairly convinced I used to be a hedgehog in my past life, and wombats are my spirit animals.


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“Margaryta Golovchenko’s Pastries & Other Things History Has Tried to Choke Us With is a lush & vivid gift, soaring & spilling over with all shades of warmth & wonder. To read this book is to step into a world of shadowed stars & barren gardens, one wreathed in colours no one but the poet has names for. Deft & lilting, this book is a tiny universe waiting to be cracked open, & each reread feels like a new first visit.” — Topaz Winters, author of poems for the sound of the sky before thunder & creative director of Half Mystic Press